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Chili con Carne vegetarian

Chili con Carne vegetarian

Chili con carne is one of the most popular dishes among stews and is also enjoying increasing popularity at parties. After all, the stew can be prepared a day in advance, cooled overnight and reheated just before serving. The connoisseurs of chili con carne swear that only then can the full aroma develop. It is one of the most straightforward meat dishes around and has its origins in South America. Incidentally, the dish is classified as part of the so-called Tex-Mex cuisine. Because beans, tomatoes and, of course, the chillies are mainly used here.

However, since Chili con Carne is originally a fiery meat stew, it is not for everyone. However, there are also numerous recipes that are suitable for vegetarians, so that they can also enjoy the delicious dish. Chili con carne can also be prepared without any kind of meat, because people could not always afford meat for the stew and so there are still many recipes from the beginnings of the fiery spicy stew, which the chefs always use can be modified so that a completely new taste is created.

Incidentally, the meatless variant is no longer Chili con Carne, but these dishes are then called Chili sin Carne. In this case, the chilli sin carne is prepared with plenty of vegetables and beans, and with some variants, tofu or soy granules are also added.

A delicious recipe for the vegetarian style of chili con carne should of course not be missing at this point. Here we want to show a recipe for two with tofu that is easy to cook.

200 grams of natural tofu
1 red pepper
1 teaspoon hot pink paprika powder
2 cloves of garlic
2 onions
400 grams of pizza tomatoes
2 teaspoons of tomato paste
100 milliliters vegetable broth
1 corn on the cob weighing around 210 grams
1 can of kidney beans
4 tablespoons of sour cream
200 grams of iceberg lettuce

The tofu is cut into cubes of one and a half centimeters and the pepper is finely diced. Half of the pod is mixed well in a bowl in two tablespoons of oil and half a teaspoon of the paprika powder. Then the tofu is mixed evenly.

Now the garlic and onions are finely diced. Two tablespoons of oil are heated in a saucepan and the remaining pepper, onion and garlic cubes are steamed until translucent. Then the tomato paste is added and steamed briefly. Then the broth and the tomatoes are added and the whole thing is cooked over medium heat for five minutes. The beans and corn are poured off in a sieve and rinsed with cold water. Now they are added to the sauce and should cook for another ten minutes.

In the meantime, the tofu can be fried in a coated pan that has already been heated. The tofu should be fried all around for about three to four minutes so that it is nice and golden brown. Then it is salted. A pinch of sugar, pepper, salt and half a teaspoon of paprika powder are used to season the chilli sin carne. Then the golden brown tofu cubes are mixed in.

Now the iceberg lettuce can be cleaned, washed and cut into fine strips and served vegetarian and sour cream with the chili con carne.