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Original chili con carne recipe

Original chili con carne recipe

Chili con carne is repeatedly assigned to the cuisine of Mexico, but it is still not clearly proven where it was cooked for the first time. Countless stories and tales entwine around this dish and time and again other immigrants from America are associated with chili con carne, who brought the recipe with them from their homeland. The natives of America are said to have already prepared this delicious stew. The origin of the dish should also be found here.

The US state of Texas in particular has quickly developed into the center of chilli culture and is therefore also known as the Chilli state. At the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century, the simple and, above all, inexpensive dish became more and more popular because the necessary ingredients were always available. It quickly became a permanent fixture as a culinary delicacy in the Bundesstatt.

Depending on the region, there is always a different original chili con carne recipe, although the one in Texas is bean-free. Meat, tomatoes and spices are used by the purists for the original chili con carne recipe. In other regions, however, the fiery stew is stretched with beans and other vegetables, because in the past it was the food for poor people who often could not afford the luxury of meat or only to a very limited extent.

An original recipe for Chili con Carne should of course be presented here, but there are many other variants, as already mentioned, which in turn are prepared with different ingredients. The ingredients are sufficient for six people who can also eat hard.

1 leek
200 grams of celery
2 large carrots
1 can of young vegetable corn (can with 425 milliliters)
2 cans of kidney beans (can with 850 milliliter content)
2 large cans of peeled tomatoes
Tomato Ketchup
2 bunch of fresh parsley
2 fresh chili peppers, alternatively chili powder
Clear Vegetable Broth
1 vegetable onion
Cayenne Pepper
Basil leaves Marjoram
300 grams of minced meat

First, the vegetables have to be washed, the celery cleaned, the leek peeled off and the leaves removed. Now peel and dice the carrots, the celery is chopped up, just like the parsley. The chillies and leek are cut into small slices. The tomatoes are pureed in the blender and the onions cut into rings. The carrots and celery schnitzel are blanched in boiling water for five minutes, then drained and set aside for the time being.

In a saucepan, the onion rings should be tightened with the mince and deglazed with a quarter liter of broth and the pureed tomatoes should be added. Immediately afterwards, the beans, corn and blanched vegetables are added. Bring the whole thing to the boil and then season with two teaspoons of marjoram, basil and sugar as well as at least five teaspoons of cayenne pepper or to your own taste. Be careful when seasoning, because the chillies are also added. Add about six tablespoons of the ketchup and simmer gently for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Cornstarch can be used to thicken the chili con carne, now season to taste and, if necessary, add seasoning. If it is too thick, just add some water. Finally, garnish the chili con carne with parsley and serve.